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Harley Davidson Leather Solo Bag

My name is Eddie and I have been working with Leather since 2007. I custom design leather & canvas products for my customers. All my leather & canvas work is hand crafted, and made in the USA. 

 In a world of disposable Chinese Junk and impersonal brief communication, you’re wanting for something that will last... Something that will take some wear and still look good .. maybe even better than when you got it. You're in the right place! 

 Everything I make is handmade and stitched using heavy weight waxed nylon thread. My stuff will outlast you, and you will be able to pass it along to your kids.

A heavy duty gun belt is the most  important of your carry system. A great gun belt allows for better extraction.Gun belts that are not sturdy or constructed correctly will cause your holster to rotate. An off the rack belt is not designed to carry a handgun properly. 

Please feel free to contact me at 815-212-3584 if you have any questions.

Thank You Eddie

Gun Belts - Making a Handcrafted Gun Belt from Start to Finish